Physical Therapy

I don’t know how many of you know, but last week I sprained my back at work lifting something that was far too heavy for me. I finally went to the doctor today, and they sent me to physical therapy (and gave me some nice medicine, lol). I’ve never been in anything like that before, and I didn’t realize how limited I was in my movement until I was moving. They had me doing special stretches after performing assessments, and they did something called electrical stimulation, where they stuck electrodes on my back and hooked me up to a machine, lol. I liked calling it shock therapy.

Have any of you ever been in physical therapy for something?

My mom went for physical therapy after she slipped on a wet floor in a convience store and tore something in her arm, I don’t exactly know…but she had to go a few times a week and it was painful for her.She was all healed months after, but the muscles and ligaments in her arm were not, and she regularly had to get her neck/shoulder/upper arm massaged and a bit stretched and it looked harsh.She had to lift box cartons from high shelves and put them on low shelves, etc.I hope I don’t have to go through that experience in my life.

Karate, the best physical therapy.

When I was practicing karate once, I ended up tearing my hamstring or somesuch. I forget now, but it hurt.

Didn’t your teacher make you stretch?

yeah you have to go easy on yourself.About a month after my bf got crushed by a sand buggy, and out of the hospital, he was up doing Iajitsu and Shotokan Karate and the like with a broken arm.Have to take it one day at a time.

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Didn’t your teacher make you stretch?

Yea, he did. I did it (I like stretching, unlike most others from my class)… I missed a kick while sparring, IIRC.

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Karate, the best physical therapy.
Here here.

My little sister used to take physical therapy. She has something called ‘Floppy Muscle Syndrome’ or something like that, so she has pretty much no muscle tone, and is double jointed everywhere. She had therapy at school until her teacher decided it was a game and sent some friends with her. Of course, this the same teacher that classified her as ADD without having any qualifications and put her in the ‘special’ classes without informing our family.

physical therapy, is that like getting the shit beatin out of you for saying the wrong thing? I done that.

or is it like shock therapy? I done that too.

A little bit. I had a skateboarding accident about 3 years ago which fucked up my ankle. I couldn’t really rotate it correctly for about 6 months after that due to a screwed up healing posistion.

Fortunately, I haven’t had to endure Physical Therapy. Who knows, though. I might have to someday.

Heh, I went to Pysical Therapy for my knees after I tore my cartilage then had surgery. I had that electrode stuff and it’s great! I especially like how tingly it is :smiley: The only thing I dont like about it is acupuncture though ugh…

Not yet, but if I keep playing so much soccer, I will. I go in for the ball hard and injure myself in the process.

Bleh, my injury was soccer related… if you call stepping into a pot-hole then twisting my knee and tearing my cartilage while running onto the feild a soccer injury…

My mom had an accident at work and since Valintine’s Day she’s been going to PT for her knee. I’m probably going soon to help strengthen my back so I can sit up straight easier.

NOTE: For those who don’t know I had back surgery to correct a huge curve in my spine with a metal rod when I was in 7th grade.