Phoenix Wright

This is a simplified hentai game without the sex. This game undoubtedly has fan manga based on it by now.

What? I don’t even know how in the hell you’d get to that conclusion.

I mean, the man has eyes.

I like to equate it more to graphical adventure games.

rofl TD

I would like to ask Sin which hentai games he’s been playing and how he got ahold of them. You know. For research.

Sentimental Graffiti I bet.

I’m a fan of lesring, myself, as far as fake hentai sports go.

I keep reading about how embarassing it is to play this game in public to yell objection. I’m confused. Do people role play or does the mic work on it?

The mic works on it.

Though there also is a button if you’re weak and don’t want to scream out objection every time the evidence clearly contradicts the statements.

Do I need to hold down a button while saying it? Yelling at my DS does nothing.

The L button, your honour.

Pressing L only does “hold it” automatically.

With the L button you press for more info, with the R button you open up the evidence list. Select a piece of evidence, then hold Y and shout OBJECTION, or press X.

Press X like a lameo would.