Phoenix Wright 5 announ--no, wait, what?

Phoenix Wright-style games for the PSP and PS2. Featuring Harvey Birdman.

Harvey Birdman.

What in the holy flying fuck?

It actually sounds kinda cool…

I wouldn’t mind helping the Jetsons win a trial against the Flintstones.

After some further scrutiny (like discovering that Harvey Birdman actually got a new show that didn’t involve punching people and not being very good at it. Seriously, I never knew), this actually sounds awesome.

This could be fun - the show is okay.

Wait a minuet are you saying that you’ve never heard of Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law? That show’s been around since like the start of AS. As for the quality the first and the second (kinda) seasons were worth watching, but like most of AS’s shows they started to go downhill.

And yes after Phoenix Wright took off, I figured that sooner or later the other shoe would fall, and that other shoe would most likely have been Harvey BIIIIRRRRD MAN!!

Also, did you know that Space Ghost got a talk show?

I don’t receive Adult Swim and I did know about Space Ghost.

Ah! My bad then.

Space Ghost had a talk show way before Adult Swim existed. We’re talking like, 1994 here. And it was less of a talk show, more harassing guests with inane questions and shooting them with lasers.

And sheer mindless brilliance it was. Of course there was also cartoon planet, full of idiotic skits and even idioticer songs. Minkey Boodle FTW.

Dude! I love this show! I wanna see the judge go Ooooo-Eeeee-Ooooo-crash in a game, lol!

Hahah, my friend works for High Voltage. He’s not gonna be on this project though.

YES! I LOVE Harvy Birdman!

Must buy >_>