Phantom Brave help request.

Two things.

  1. How do I get Bottle Mail? A FAQ or two said something about stacking my characters on the house, then jumping up them, but they just fall off if I put one on top the other up there…

  2. How do I level Marona up? I can’t use the 3-2 trick for her, and she doesn’t get much of a bonus in Failure Dungeons.

The bottlemail, you get by reaching higher and higher elevation. The trick is to get high on the tree, not on the roof. Anyway, my best sugestion is to try and throw the items so they form a staircase of sorts. If possible, use two different towers to increase it. I suggestusing trees and people, personally.

The main idea in Failure dungeons is to go as deep as you can using Divers, then hopefully find stages where one item will give you enough points to beat the stage. As a result of being far into the dungeon, the EXP bonuses should be more that enough to help Marona level up. Creating Failure dungeons with “few” enemies helps a lot too. The trick is that when there are a “few” enemies, it’s more likely that an item or enemy will be worth a ton of points (500+). That way most levels, you’ll get the highest EXP bonuses and better weapons if you’re lucky.

I got my Marona to the point where her MEN was so high, she was killing everything in one hit with her Gravity spells and gaining a level per kill, in addition to EXP bonuses. At the end of the game, she single handedly killed Yoshitsuna and Ball, using the other characters as decoys with her Warp Attack.