Phantasy Star Online Forever!(or untill I get laid)

Do the boxes that appear after a boss fight (EP. 1&2) count as “Boss Drops” or are they just boxes

Check an FAQ. You’re more likely to learn the answer from a walkthrough or an FAQ then the forums.

The boxes after a boss are always there, but the contents of the boxes are random. Open them up, and the shit that comes out are the boss drops. It can contain rare weapons, money, shit weapons, etc.

so you mean to tell me that I’m just getting bad luck by not finding rares…
makes sense.

there are 8 boxes that appear ofter the defeat of the Barba Ray, and one Item that appears by itself (not in a box) at the back of the lift which is the reason I asked this question, the Item I’m looking for has a 1/22 drop ratio so I will find it eventually…i’m just getting real tired of killing the boss over and over and…well you get the picture

Tell me about it. I did WELL over 50 Very Hard Forest runs and still the dragon didn’t drop the goddamn sword. I gained like 12 levels too :stuck_out_tongue: And I should probably finish PSO one of these days…

Oh, and I got the Dual Saber you’re looking for the first time I beat his ass, haw! And I’m a FOnewm <_<

The boxes are not part of the bossdrop, he can only drop one item, it’s easy to tell as it’d be the only item on the raft that isn’t inside a box.

Or it was that, been ages since I played.

you…you…sputters indignantly YOU SUCK!!!

but you are rather perceptive…I never mentioned I was searching for the Double saber…a smart one you are

WHICH IS WHY YOU MUST DIE!!!fires the Egglauncher at TD