Phantasy Star Online Episode 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Personally, I’m going to buy it just because I’m bloody addicted to PSO Ep 1&2, but I don’t really know about the new card system. It could be awesome, if they can pull it off, but it’s hard to make a good cardgame nowadays, what with all the cardgames popping up everywhere. And they’d better put some good duping protection in there, because it really ruined a lot of the online potential for PSO (play with people you know, or h4xx0rs will fight with hacked items, run around at lvl 200 1 hour into the game, kill your character and empty your inventory (which isn’t possible normally) and other fun stuff like that) and duping cards will really upset the game, even more so than rare duping.

I’ll see how it turns around and what previews and reviews say about it.

<img src=“”> Well, E3 will be here soon, so the previews will start pouring in after that, I guess.