ph33r teh 1337 hax0r (bullshit warning)

<a href=“”>I just know that the Feebs are gonna take advange of public and judicial ignorance to get away with this one.</a>

Way to cover up your own incompetence, G-men!

The most secure isn’t very secure, if one man can do that.

The “most secure” computers they’re talking about are running Windows, and are connected to uncontrolled and unsecured networks @_@. The prosecution is basically flouting the layman’s ignorance of technology to inflate their own importance in hopes of getting a big judgement to add to their portfolio.

They have, by the way, <a href =“”>displayed this kind of hubris before</a> but they’ve gotten slightly smarter.

Read a book called <u>The Hacker Crackdown</u>. It’s a good investigation of this whole trend. The discussion attached to that Slashdot article (posts rated Interesting, Insightful or Informative with a mod of 4 or 5 mostly) is pretty good as well.

Yea. 3rd Party Security is very much a scam these days. It is like the whole Y2K crisis that was “supposed” to happen. There is no security good enough to guard against human idiocy. There are plenty of people in secure locations that still consider deleting the icon off the desktop as getting rid of everything. Education is the worst. All these professors who leave unattended laptops full of secure information are prime examples. Then you have “Technical Coordinators” in k-12 schools that have no clue what they are doing.

The only true way of securing something is to not have it exist in the first place otherwise some idiot somewhere will ruin it and there are plenty of idiots in US government.

This makes me want to go out and destroy all forms of capitalism…but I’m hungry so I’m going to grab a Mcdonalds.

That makes me want to go back in time and destroy your entire family line. But I’m lazy so I’m going to settle for posting a cutting reply to a message board ^_~.

The kind of ignorance that pervades in free societies (i.e., it persists by choice) is correctible at a low level of public authority or opinion. Totalitarian-government-enforced ignorance cannot be controverted by public opinion that exists internally within the society.

Maybe they meant “world’s biggest hacker” because he’s really big. For all we know, this guy’s like 1100 lbs.

That explains everything. lol.

They say he looked for proof of UFO cover-ups, if he discovered something it’ s gonna get even worse for him! Maybe even if he didn’ t. The government hates that stuff.

I’ d like to stress this point…

This is almost as good as the excuse they used to keep Mitnick in solitary for close to a year and a half. They said that if he had access to a phone, or any person, he would be able to give them a secret code, that if whistled into a phone correctly, would patch him through to the command consoles at NORAD.

The prosecution is basically flouting the layman’s ignorance of technology to inflate their own importance in hopes of getting a big judgement to add to their portfolio.

Well said.

1 nerd with too much free time = $1 Billion damages.

Way to go “World Police”!

If you read some of the comments, that $1 billion figure is incorrect. The figures come out to more around $1 million in damages and $2 million in fines (if I read the fines part of the article correctly). I don’t recall seeing $1 billion thrown around at all except in the Slashdot summary.

Was I supposed to read the comments? Both the summary and full article say 1 billion.

They’re computers. They’re about as secure to trust with secrets as your aunts Edna and Emma.

It’s fun to see how hyped up crackers are and how feared they’ve become because of the total ignorance in the masses. They can’t break into your computer any more easily than you can break into your neighbours house, but, of course and unfortunately, contrary to when we’re talking about houses, the owners of computers usually leave the key beneath the doormat.

Nul has a really good point there.

Well, this entire thing was worth reading. Now, I’m late because of this. DAMN YOU ALL!!! Or something.

People shouldn’t complain in the first place. Owning a computer is a PRIVILEDGE, not a right. You do not have the RIGHT to a safe internet. No one CONTROLS the internet, therefore no one ENFORCES it.

If you are not willing to learn to protect your PC, learn how to attack and defend attacks online, and not willing to contribute BACK to the network that you’re using, then <b>gtfo the internet</b>, and stop wasting <i>our</i> resources.

Here I was thinking you’re not supposed to do that.

Yeah well, anyone who spends that much time on a PC would probably only notice the lack of internet if thrown into jail.

Well, you wouldn’t walk into a bad section of town without knowing how to fight, would you? Not because you are on the offense, but because if someone does attack you, you can attack back, and not lose :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense, I however favour the “cower in the foetal position and whimper till they go away” school of combat, especially on the internet :smiley: