Petition For the Removal of Scrolling Sigs

This is a Petition for the Removal of the Scrolling Signatures.

I know i hate them and know many others have said they do as well.

Put your name on this to show SUPPORT ONLY!!

This, I intend to take to the Admins to push for a deletion of all scrolling sigs.

Umm, I really don’t think that scrolling sigs are annoying enough for a petition.

And just on a side note, you coulda made a real petition, but I forgot the site address. stupid me. -_-

I’ve never really found a problem yet for scrolling sigs.

Somebody already did a thread like this and it ended up being closed(I think).

puts in a scrolling sig to piss people off

I still don’t see how they’re annoying.

Bite me.

In light of this, I’m adding MORE lyrics to my sig to irritate pathetic pissants like yourself off even more.

Woo, my sig looks cooler with the scrolling thing.

Aye, Steve, It does!

Sig Complete

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
And just on a side note, you coulda made a real petition, but I forgot the site address. stupid me. -_-

<img src=“”>

And as stupid as I think they are, I just turned off all sigs so that they don’t bother me anymore. Not really a huge loss.

Steve, that’s just evil now!

Aw, it’s not that bad… I could have put every metallica album in there. That’s just Ride the Lightning.

Say, if people don’t like scroling sigs, but are just too lazy to do anything else when viewing a thread, why don’t they just keep the cursor over the Profile area?

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
just too lazy

<img src=“”> Good lord. A character limit on sigs would be helpful right now.

Steve: of course, i answered my own question with an answer within the question. God, I’m stupid. -_-

Well, if one person’s gonna bitch, I might as well give him/her a good enough reason to.

Steve, Sorc, I see you 2 provoking other visitors directly, Im personally going to put your ban on. Theres been enough discussion about this. I happen to be annoyed by the scrolling sigs myself 8P