Peter Pan

Dude, this movie rocked! I loved it! I know there was already a thread on this, but funny thing about that, is I didnt post in it. anyway, yeah, this movie is a fun filled romp, for all ages!

P… ur Pantz? I don’t think there’re any movies worth watching for the next few months…

This movie is getting suprisingly good reviews and many people are calling it one of the best movies to come out in awhile.

Is Jason Issacs better than Dustin Hoffman?

Originally posted by Pierson
Is Jason Issacs better than Dustin Hoffman?

From what I have heard - yes although its difficult to compare as the characters are played differently (Due to different story and styles of the two movies).

finaly, a peter pan movie without Robin Williams

Rufio! Rufio!

AND not by Disney.