Peta praises bird flu

yesterday on a billboard I saw an advertisment with a chicken on it with the words payback time and a messeage praising bird flu

further proof they are a bunch of evil retarded whackjobs

I dont have a picture of it but you may be able to find something about it on there website

This would probably be quite useful.

In future bird flu related news:
About 300 people died over the entire bird flu epidemic, leading us here at ____ news to the conclusion, “Sorry, guys, we’re FUCKING MELODRAMATIC TWOT-APPLES, strep throat is more deadly.”

The PETA people are morons.

Arac needs to get better informed about the potential dangers of the bird flu. Look up 1918 flu.

There are only a few strains so far that can effect humans, and the only ways to be infected are through direct contact with droplets of nasal or respiratory secretions, or with the fecal matter of an infected bird. There is no evidence that the bird flu is spread to humans through eating meat or eggs.

If the PETA wants to use something that’ll make the public even more paranoid than it already is, they ought to at least get it right and point out the Bird Crap of Death. ;p

Because that was just the disease, with no external factours, such as lack of treatment, that are no longer present. If you look, most people who get the flu do not fucking die of it. The Bird Flu is no more viscious than the normal flu, just doesn’t have a vaccination. So, basically, it’ll be like a lot of people getting the flu. We’ll have a nationwide fortnight of misery, and a few people will die.
The world will not fucking end.
The population will not be decimated down to a reasonable size.

SARS was gonna fucking kill everybody, too. It didn’t. Neither will this. Loads of bullshit.

And how are you an authority on the flu to make this judgement?

The 1918 strain was esp unusual in how it killed healthy young people and people were struck suddenly and people would die by the next day. Symptoms included severe cyanosis (you turn blue from lack of oxygen), hemoptysis (coughing up blood), uncontrolled pulmonary hemomrrage and acute respiratory distress syndrome. You don’t see that in all influenza cases. The stanley cup final game was cancelled when 4 canadiens players were struck and 1 died. Usually influenza strikes the young and elderly and immunocompromised. This nailed 4 and killed 1 of the most athletically built players in a major hockey league.

The mortality in the fast progressive cases was from ARDS. You drowned in your own secretions and blood.

Mortality in slower progressing cases came from secondary bacterial pneumonias after the mucociliary barrier was eliminated by the viral infection.

There also appered to be neurological involvement with the 1918 flu. Some people had psychiatric symptoms, leading to a condition that was called encephalitis lethargica. These were young people who were infected in the 1918 pandemic and their movements slowed down and they eventually developed parkensonian syndromes and remained in rigid catatonia. A movie was made about some of these people with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.

Conservative estimates are that the 1918 flu killed 25 million people in 6 months. 60% of the population of the world was sick. The mortality rate worldwide was estimated to be 2.5-6%. Some would put the mortality above 100 million. 27% of people in the Indian army died. 28% of the US population caught the flu and close to 1 million died. Entire villages were wiped out in Alaska and Africa. During the 14 days after a steamer docked in the fiji island, 22% of the entire population of the fiji islands died.

The H5N1 strain is a bird strain like the 1918 bird flu. All subsequent massive dangerous outbreaks of the flu pale in comparison to the 1918 flu and are mixes of human and avian strains.

If anything like this ever happens in today’s world, the repercussions would be massive, the medical system would fail dramatically and the socio economic breakdown that would follow is indescribable. The mortality rate from H5N1 to date is around 50-70%.

Of all the criteria for a disaster which diseases are evaluated on (which the 1918 flu filled completely), only 1 isn’t filled and that’s the easy human to human transmission.

Don’t sass Dr. Sin.

Sin, get back to me with your nose in the air when the world doesn’t fucking end over this bull-- or should I say “bird”-- shit, kay?

Its not about whether or not it will definetly will happen. Its about a definite possible risk to hundreds of millions of lives, to the very stability of the world and if you’re too stupid to realize the necessity of public health precautions in light of REPEATING a disaster of proportions unlike any the world has ever seen, you’re as stupid as the morons at PETA.

I wasn’t aware a TV movie and widespread semi-panic were public health precautions. Forgive my ignorance. Also forgive my ignorance for not realizing that any possible doom should be prepared for.

Nuclear war is a much more likely way that hundreds of millions of people will die. Much, much more likely.

Your ignorance is further displayed by the fact that several international organizations like the WHO and many countries have been on this issue like shit on velcro to limit its spread and that public health is more than just tv movies I’ve never anything about.

I appreciate PETA and not I’m a vegetarian.

SARS didn’t happen precisely because it was contained so effectively. If everyone laughed it off, it would have been much worse. Same like Y2K.
Anyway, as soon as PETA did its whole “slaughterhouses = Holocaust” ads, they went beyond the pale in my book. They’re radical idiots.

Your ignorance is further displayed by your limited understanding of proper use of the english language, that or you’re drawing inferences from what I did not say designed to make me look unintelligent so that your own shallow point, of unproven conjecture based on a pervious epidemic and calling me stupid, looks like it’s not proverbially full of holes.
I did not say that was all that was being done in reference to the avian flu. I simply said I did not know that those things qualified as precautions, since actions of that type were the ones I was attacking; the inane, impotent panic before any TV News disaster that in all probability will not be that bad whatsoever.

You’re a pervious epidemic

Your face is a pervious epidemic.

I’m not drawing from inferences you didn’t make:

You explicitely said that no flu was anything to worry about and that it was an exageration to be worried about it and that few people would die from an outbreak of the flu.

I liked PETA much more before I knew much about it. Now that I know what it is, I do not like it. Carl Sagan used to like PETA! I betcha that if he wasn’t dead he wouldn’t much like it anymore.

Although it probably contains as many exaggerations as other episodes, everyone should see Pen & Teller’s episode of Bullshit! on PETA. It’s good fun. They mock skinny vegetarians. What else could one want?

edit: hold on.