PETA kills animals :)

Take that, you over-reactive asshats!

the media will have a field day with this

and by media i mean the last page of the free paper you get at grocery stores

It’s a conspiracy, I say.

hmmm, to trust one crack pot over the other? I don’t know… hard to decide.

I think the tail is waging the dog

get it, since they’re killing animals like cats and dogs?


Any piece of ammunition in the arsenal against those radical nutjobs is a good piece of ammunition, I say.

I agree with you completely, Cid. I will say, however, that they are very good at arming themselves with reasons to not join PETA. :stuck_out_tongue:

The main things I’m against however is their targetting of children who don’t know any better, their comparison of the way we treat animals to the Holocaust, and their funding of terrorist organizations.

These are old and relatively well known facts. They’re the reason why I don’t support PETA ( Out with PETA! ). But they’re no reason to not support equality between all living things.

They have nothing to lose but their chains!