Persona 4

is coming out soon, and if it’s half as good as its predecessor, we’re in for a good experience.

But what do you all suppose the odds are that they’ll release another special edition a la FES six months or so down the line? I have a deep-seated psychological aversion to buying a product more than once, regardless of how special their edition may or may not be, and I like to get the most for my money.

I downloaded the soundtrack a few months ago.

Totally un-memoriable. It tries so hard to be like Persona 3 and then tries to take new spins off of it.

They turned “The Velvet Room” into a techno track for fucks sake! (Poem for Everyone’s Souls, known otherwise)

As for gameplay, I can only hope it doesn’t go the same way as it’s music…

I remember reading that they’re not gonna make a FES or special edition for this game. That there wasn’t any need to. Some of the bosses look pretty cool from what I’ve seen. Love the boss music for those fights too. (I’ll Face Myself -Battle-)

As per the gameplay, lots of people say that it fixes some of the flaws that Persona 3 had.

What’s your source for this?


I never did pick up P3, but I think I’ll grab P4 some time after it comes out. From what I’ve heard, P4 does a lot more stuff concerning the characters and their various ‘issues,’ making the name ‘Persona’ a bit more relevant (apart from the Persona-summoning, of course.) It’s been way too long since I’ve played a long RPG through, and I do like interesting characters and Megaten games, so hopefully I’ll actually beat this one.

If you want a serious timesink of a game, I heartily recommend P3.

I’m going to get PS4 and then make out with it. Hard and long. I will forget any woman that I love, any woman that I have ever loved, and I will give PS4 the time of its life.

Err… what I’m saying is… yeah I’ll buy it when it comes out.

Let me warn you GAP, PS4 is doing it for the money and life isn’t Hollywood.

Er, you know.

How dare you insinuate anything of the sort about my dearest Persona! I’m going to have to hurt you in the face with some sort of facehurting device.

Easy, man, easy! He knows not of which he speaks!

Welp, it’s out. It takes about 2 hours to get to the first real fight and I’m kinda losing interest, hopefully it’ll pick up soon.

Hearing “Welcome to the Velvet Room” again gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Other than that, I’ve done little but watch the idol chick’s tits.

So far so good.

Ugh. I’m missing out, but I’m getting it for Christmas, so it’s all good.

I really have to agree with Kagato over the soundtrack. It’s so… bland. It’s hard to believe this is really Shoji Meguro.

And the battle music! Man, it’s true I’m really comparing it to Mass Destruction, but that’s simply not a song for battle.

Okay, here’s the general gist:

Music is generally a huge disappointment. The two songs that annoy me the most are the “hanging around town” and battle themes. Which is really fucking great since that’s what you listen to 90% of the goddamn time.

The personal characteristics (Courage/Intelligence/Charisma) has been upgraded to five different stats for you to waste time on, though there’s several ways to upgrade them faster, sometimes even during Social Link events.

Social Link’s mechanics remains largely unchanged except you have more chances to gain points on them, like having lunch with them and stuff. Haven’t seen many of them yet, but unlike P3, it seems your male companions are their respective Arcana’s commu. At the very least Yosuke is Magician. He’s, by the way, a less upbeat and more lonely Junpei.

Battle system has been, from what little I saw, quite improved. First and foremost, other than the tactics commands, you can actually give precise orders to your characters if you need them to do something specific, or if they happen to be acting particularly pants-on-head stupid.

Other than that, the Guard command that’s essentially completely useless in every RPG ever actually serves a purpose here: Guarding protects you from critical hits and those that are of your elemental weakness, so if you can predict the enemy’s movements, you can keep your party from getting assraped if the enemy has whatever skills they’re weak against. You can do the same, but as usual, it’s just more effective to change to another Persona.

There seems to be a good deal of extra actions for your party if their social links are at certain levels, like taking hits for you, comboing and such.

The only dungeon I’ve seen so far is basically another refurbished Tartarus. Well, there are diagonal hallways now, big whoop.

Your equipment now comes from a weird blacksmith that makes weapons for sale as art. Well, it makes more sense than the policeman that somehow got his hands on shipments of real katanas, bows, rapiers, steel knuckles and high-profile firearms, nevermind the armour.

I dislike Margaret’s voice. It’s just not… weird and sultry enough for the Velvet Room’s atmosphere, and she sounds really off-key when speaking together with Igor.

Voice acting in general seems good enough. Yuri Lowenthal actually plays a meek role for once. He’s good enough, which is great because he talks a lot. Though there is the weirdness of “slightly voiced” Social Link events. Like, the characters will say something, but only a small chunk will be actually voiced, sometimes just a word or a grunt.

General town atmosphere is… the boondocks. It’s desolate and run down, even worse because it’s usually raining, cloudy or tinted orange and depressing by the setting sun. Not really my thing.

That’s it for now.

Is anyone actually reading this stuff? Well, whatever, I need to rant anyhow.

First and foremost: Expert is rape mode. It’s like P3’s Hard mode, only the enemies even get smarter, and if they ever figure out one of your character’s elemental weaknesses, they’ll be hammering down on them for the rest of the fight.

Now, new and exciting mechanics which more or less all end up serving to ram you in the ass ever so much harder:

SP is now a death countdown to your doom, which you’re forced to decrease yourself, like a strange masochist death contraption. The thing is, you never get tired now, although Teddie suggests the TV world has the same effect as the Dark Hour on stamina, this never shows in gameplay. What does happen is that you no longer recover HP and SP when going back to the base area, so your exploration time is directly proportional to your ability to ration your SP as if it were water in the desert. Doesn’t help that SP recovery items are scarce and recover ignorable amounts. From the second dungeon onwards, there are ways to recover without exiting, but one of them requires a lot of luck and the other one costs a bloody fortune.

Your navigator, Teddie, some way or another manages to be both twice as annoying as Fuuka while being twice as useless. All he actually does, aside from pissing his pants and shouting “You’re getting raped!” while you’re getting raped, is “remember” enemy’s elemental characteristics. So you’ve first got to try elements one-by one until you find their weakness, if they even have one. I’m pretty sure he’ll be getting a replacement soon, but doesn’t make up for how annoying he is. Granted, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the Burning Beetle is weak against, but there are plenty of enemies that offer no clue whatsoever.

Hitting someone’s weakness has different effects now, on several ways:
First, getting knocked down makes you much weaker as usual, but you don’t waste a turn getting back up. However, if you get hit again while down, there’s the chance of getting “dizzy” which does make you skip the turn.

Second, you still get the extra turn for hitting a standing enemy with their weakness, but you get it so long as you hit at least one enemy. In P3, using all-target spells only gave you an extra turn if you hit everyone’s weakness at once, while now, just landing one is enough. This is actually very, very bad, because while you can certainly exploit this, so can the enemies. And they will do so much, much more often. Just a heads up: If the mages on the upper floors of the second dungeon EVER get a turn, your ass is grass. Which leads us to…

Getting player advantage is a nightmare. It’s much more difficult for a number of reasons:
*Shadows will ALWAYS know you’re there when you get into striking distance, so you only have a fraction of a second to land the blow.
*Your sword is pretty slow, so you have to time both the strike and range just right. And that’s the only weapon you can use now.
*Even IF you hit them right, there seems to be a slightly random chance of still entering regular combat, where the enemies might still go before you if they have enough speed.
*Shadows move SLOOOOWLY. Not when you attack, they’re lightning fast then, but when you’re hiding waiting for them to start walking away they move like fucking snails.

Even with accuracy of over 90, some characters seem to miss annoyingly often. I do not enjoy getting my ass rammed because Chie and Yosuke missed three times in a fucking row.

Shuffle Time seems to happen randomly now, and considerably less often, especially for weaker enemies. Also, in addition to Persona cards and Blank cards (Nothing happens), you get Penalty cards, which nullify all gains (EXP and GP) from the battle you just had. I don’t know if there’ll be money, EXP, healing, etc cards later on.

Finally, randomly after a Shuffle Time you might get an Arcana Change, which is a Tarot card that you can flip and see if it ends upwards or downwards, giving positive and negative effects respectively. These can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your luck. Upwards Judgment (Restore all SP) is probably the best you can get.

Everything’s great at your Junes!

EDIT: I was just going to leave it at that, but I didn’t want to annoy you. :stuck_out_tongue:

You make some good points about the battle system, but I’m glad they got rid of the whole “you get tired from too much exploration” thing. Also, I know it isn’t much, but you CAN get Dr. Salt NEOs (5SP) and that other one that restores 10 SP in vending machines. They’re inexpensive, although you can only buy five per day. So there ARE ways you can get around the whole SP desert, but you’ll end up carrying fifty jillion soda cans. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also a Persona you can get at level 17 that slowly recovers SP, but I don’t recall its name.

Sarasvati, though you’ll probably need to grind it a bit. It’s a lifesaver, but only for your main character.