Persona 4 Confirmed four the U-S-A!

December 9th:victoly:

I’m a little wary.

I enjoyed P3:FES’s gameplay (although I still haven’t beaten it) and it’s cool story. It was just a hip game from the music to the characters, it was something fresh and new. But if all I get from P4 is the new locale and the ability to date girls well, I’m going to be a bit underwhelmed.

I want more freedom. I don’t know if this is the norm for dating sim portions of games but one of the most frustrating parts of P3 was how limited you were in the in-game world. Japanese and American games always seem to be two sides of the same coin. You either get too much freedom in a game like Morrowind or you get a game like FFX, where freedom is nonexistent.

P3 was a mirage of freedom. There were only two parts of the day in which you could do everything, for instance. There was Afternoon and Evening, that’s it. Gah, I just don’t want a carbon copy.

I’m snatching the soundtrack the moment it hits Galbadia or khinsider.

SNATCHing, I say!