Persona 4 Comic

Read it. You will laugh your ass off. I almost guarantee it. Although if you haven’t played the first week or two in P4, it’ll have spoilers (not anything major though).

Also, they have some pretty funny Metal Gear Solid comics that are worth reading for laughs. Covers most of those games in pretty hilarious detail.

Yeah, look at that person’s LJ and read ALL the comics. They’re all pretty awesome, especially the Metal Gear ones.

I deduce Persona 4 is either the best game ever or the worst game ever?

Persona 4 is a great game, Rig. It’s just awesome!

But why do you hate my spare time?

As if I can play any non-handheld games these days.

As if I care with so many handheld games.

Nice find, Ultra. I almost shed a tear (laughing).

Yes, thank you for this comic. Thank you for reminding me of the first four hours of that wonderful game. Those lovely four, unplayable, hours. I am so happy that you brought back those repressed memories of total boredom, of meaningless cutscenes, of anvilicious “corporations are bad and evil and destroy small towns and blah blah blah,.” THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!

(In all seriousness, this thing’s hilarious.)

That was hilarious! Thanks Ultra!

For those who liked this, the guy put up a second comic. Still sorta spoilerish.