Persona 3 Portable

Now with girl protagonist.

My first reaction was mostly “wat”. My second reaction was “Dude, they’d have to rewrite all the S.Links for this”. My third reaction was “I hope the JPCSP guys hurry up with the emulator”.

A lot of the story would need to change to put a girl on the role. Or at least there’d need to be a whole lotta lesbi… I suddenly think this is a wonderful idea.

According to these guys, according to Famitsu, there’d be even new stuff if you chose the male. Also, you can control your party now, so no more MARIN FUCKING KARIN when you desperately need a heal.

This would be totally awesome if it weren’t for the fact that along with Persona 1 PSP, the on-going rumors of Persona 5 being worked on, and Persona 4 isn’t even a year old (and FES is slightly older than a year by now) I was feeling a bit burned out on Persona right now.

Then of course we’ve also seen Devil Summoner 2 and Devil Survivor within the year plus another SMT down the road.

We’ve seen more SMT in the last 2 years than we have in the last 10. ;;>.>

That said this is still totally awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ninja Edit: I can see the rule 34 Mara jokes already.)

(Double Edit: Judging from the pics it looks like they are indeed Gender Swapping the main cast with what looks to be like a male version of Elizabeth. Which begs the question on whether Mara will be getting gendered bendered too.)

This is cool and all, but what about some Persona 2 remakes? Seems odd to skip 2, and move to 3. I mean, P3 is still fairly recent and whatnot, but wouldn’t adding a female protagonist kinda screw up some stuff? Then again, I’m all for lesbian S.Links. :slight_smile:

Also, methinks they’ll have to retone the difficulty a little if you can get manual control over everybody now. I expect a much harder game.

Well, yeah. If you can manually control your party, things like attacking Death would be pretty easy (I’d imagine).

I has clean scans!

First Page: Not much to see, other than the not-too subtle 22 made by the girl’s hairclips. That’s like, deeeeep man.

Second Page: Notice Loki in the screenshot. It seems they’re using P4’s designs this time.

Third Page: If you chose the girl, Elizabeth is replaced by this guy. I’m calling him HElizabeth for the time being in lieu of a name and just because I’m so fucking proud of my horrendous oun.

Fourth Page: Here’s something interesting, check out the background in the shots. From the looks of it, it seems like the game is in top-view, with drawn backgrounds during Social Link events. I guess it’s to save memory space.

Fifth Page: More shots. Yeah, it definitely seems like it’ll be mostly top view, though Pawlownia Mall there appears with the old camera postioning. Also a shot of the chick fighting in what appears to be casual clothing.

Sixth Page. The last one. Most interesting detail is some chick we never knew and the new difficulty level selection: Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Maniac, just in case you missed the genuine old “You fucking cheating piece of shit” feel of MegaTen games.

Oh I’m sure this is off subject but I need to know…iIs persona any good? I mean any of them and if so which ones should I play?

Where’s Persona 2…that should include both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. That’s what I want. P3 is such a recent game and there are two versions out already.

If PSP owners get Persona 2 (both versions) as well, I’m going to be slightly peeved.

This is interesting to me. What is this game about?

It’s about kids fighting hostile vaguely psychological manifestations in modern day Japan, where you fight using your character’s inner psyche as a weapon, empowered by the art of cheating on seven or so women and putting up with your friends’ shit, eventually gaining the strength to summon a gigantic green fanged penis riding a chariot.

It’s half social/dating sim, half dungeon crawl… all awesome.