Persona 3 FES

This was the best console RPG I’ve played in a long time. I’d almost say that this was the best console RPG I’ve played in my damned life. I’d almost say that this was better than that thing that chick used to do to me.

I don’t normally care about this sort of stuff, but the graphics and sound were awesome for the PSII.

As far as gameplay is concerned, combat is intuitive and strategic, and the social aspect of the game was pretty damned cool. I’m not giving a review, otherwise I’d give more detail. Also: THIS is what you call good fucking writing. Not the idiotic crap that passes for writing in so many other games, but GOOD writing. Storylines that tied into one another, and made sense. Characters that developed and you could care about. An actual THEME. A ROLEPLAYING GAME WITH A FUCKING THEME, GODDAMNIT IT! Most games just throw together a half-assed plot with characters you don’t care about and lukewarm cliché situations: Persona 3 FES does none of these things.

When I finished the game, I literally had to change my pants.

Has anyone else enjoyed this gem?

On another note: I only wish that the other Persona games weren’t… you know… rare. I need them. I want them. If they’re ANYTHING like this game, I’m sure that I’d love them in their various love orifices.

A curious way to develop characters. But I’m not a fan of the pacing.

From what I’ve seen on Youtube, Persona 4 looks to be pretty similar and it’s coming out later this year.

I got this awhile back and I absolutely love it. Better men than me have spoken at length about its merits, so I’ll leave it at that. :slight_smile:

I still need to play the New Game + and knock heads with the Super Special Awesome Optional Boss.

I’ve greatly enjoyed all Persona games so far (and even used a boss from the second game, Nyarlatothep (not the same character as the Cthulhu god) on some of my fics) and I’m looking forward to playing 3 some day. It isn’t available on my local Gamestop currently, however. I may have to buy it online.

Wil: I know; I’ve been reading them in the archives when work is slow. Not that I do that, as I’m diligent! YES I AM!

The Persona 4 soundtrack tries desperately to be like Persona 3 and fails.

This is just my opinion. I tried to be nice to it, but the soundtrack kept calling me a mother fucker.

I hope it isn’t as poorly used at p3’s. Such a nice soundtrack but you’re stuck listening to 2 songs for 80+% of the game.

I need to play FES…I have the original P3 since I got it when it first came out. One of the few games I actually spent 80+ hours before I beat the game (yeah, it’s long). FES coming out was a good and bad thing for me. On the plus side, there’s the extra chapter that wraps up most everything, but on the bad, I already spent $50 on P3. It was one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long while.

A shame, P3FES was only $30. and i think the P4 in December is coming in at a discounted price as well.

I know it’s only $30. I just kinda hate to buy the same game twice. I’ll get it used one of these days and play through it. Didn’t know P4 was gonna be discounted at well. Better hope that’s true.

If they plan on doing the same thing with 4 that they did with 3 - IE, special edition - then I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get P4. I like buying games once.

I’m still playing through the original content; I’m about halfway through the second dungeon block. Makes me wish I had bought this when it first came out.

The game’s cool, and I’m enjoying the story, but I do have some problems with the game’s pacing. Basically, it seems that keeping your characters leveled and actually advancing are at odds, since every time you start to build some momentum, the game more or less forces you to leave, or lose more precious potential grinding trips. Still, everything else is solidly implemented, and has renewed my faith somewhat in JRPGs.

Then I played Lost Odyssey. I must go cry.