Persona 3 FES

I am currently battling the materialized form of the collective human subconscious desire for self-annihilation.

Using a giant green penis riding a chariot.

This is the best game ever.

That’s all.



Yeah I 'm going to need to get to that game pretty soon… o_o

Whoa! Hmm. Well, then. Guess I need to get around to playing one of these Persona games at some point.

PAL release, PAL release, PAL release, PAL release…

I picked this up yesterday… can’t wait to get to that point

Take about five dozen eggs…

…start putting 'em in a bowl…

mix tha FUCK outta them…

…and what do you get?

Just finished The Answer, but making a penis wagon was looking to be more trouble than it was worth. No compendium in The Answer really bites.

Already been confirmed to not be happening. Import this shit.

I’ve decided I want to get it. Do I need previous Persona/SMT Experience before playing?

Not really. The story is at least 10 years after anything else in the series and only tangentially related to previous games. It is one of the easier SMT games, with easy mode being almost condescendingly so.

It’s actually arguable whether it’s even the same world setting since there are some important differences to the underlying world mechanics.

Mind you, even though it’s easy for a Megaten game, it’ll still rape you if you just go HURR DURR I CASTS FIRE FOR MASSIVE DAMAGES. Make sure you get a hand of the system early on.

Currently replaying through the Journey if only for the new stuff. Elizabeth’s voice is sexy.

I started doing the same yesterday, but I made the mistake of putting it on [strike]fucking cheap[/strike] hard mode. The only thing hard about it is that they made the grind 4x as much and upped enemy crit rates.

I did the same. Enemies also hit fairly harder. Actually, it’s possible to “cheat” in a way as the Personae in the Compendium can be pulled out (though not made) regardless of level, so if you somehow amass enough cash, you could just pull out a big-shot and take it easy. I’m trying to resist the temptation myself.

Good luck with that, seeing as how they’re all 4x normal cost. The temptation to just save up a couple mil for satan + lucifer is admittedly rather high, though.

Lucifer is no longer part of the Armageddon fusion tech and no longer learns Victory Cry, you need another new Persona from the Star Arcana for that.

Which is actually just the Lucifer you already have renamed (Lucifel or some such shit) so that they could toss in Nocturne’s Lucifer. You don’t get victory cry, but you should still be able to Armageddon straight from the compendium. You also still need the old version to make Orpheus Custom, which is pretty much tailor made for fighting Elizabeth, resisting everything and having no skills but victory cry and the ability to carry over anything off it’s components.

Woo! I just got it. So Awesome. Does anyone have a list of the fusion spells somewhere? I’m having trouble finding a couple of them.

The persona 3 guides on gamefaqs have the full list.

There aren’t any new ones in FES?