People with Cars

'97 Honda Accord, silver. It’s still in good shape, but I really need to get a CD player for it since I don’t listen to the radio and it’s really boring driving around without any music.

'89 Chevy Celebrity. White. Just hit 160,000 miles on Friday (missed watching the dial by 4 miles! >:O )

I’ve only gotten it up to 80, but when the spedometer tops out at 85, I don’t wanna try and push it, especially since it’s an '89 Chevy Celebrity.

Now, mind you, if I had my ways, I would have my hands on a Caterham Super 7 Roadster right now. There’s my justification for higher education.

Zepp’s absolutely right. When I got my liscence, I went out almost every night for like a month. Not having to schedule my leisure activities with my dad was just fucking amazing when I first got my liscence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I drive a 1990 White Ford Ranger Custom, which has a black right fender (I got into a crash, yeah. It wasn’t my fault though, I’m a good driver :D). I call it “The White Ranger.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I also drive around my dad’s car when I travel long distances (In other words, any time I’m not just going to school and back :P). It’s a 2001 Dark Red Ford Taurus, and I call it “The Red Bull,” but not with the frequency that I refer to The White Ranger as such.

Ah come on 80 is weak. I get mine up to 85 regularly and if ti is late enough and clear enough I’ll do 100 (I’ve got up to 105 once).

I’d rather not go 20 over the entire spedometer, Info.

1982 Mazda 323.

Oh yes. Marvel at the little POS. Marvel at the power.

Oh yeah, fastest I’ve gone is about 140KM/h (I think that’s just over 85, Northlanders). Only done that once, like after I just got my licence or something.

I’ve hit 105 in my car, but it shook like a bitch so I don’t usually go over 85-90. And it’s fucking crazy, you can drive that fast around here and people will still pass you like you’re stopped. It’s freaking crazy

Grand Ams have a built in speed-limiter of 107mph. I hit it before, and lo and behold, the car really won’t go faster than 107mph. People who have had it removed (just a replacement of the CPU chip) say they’ve gotten up to 130. But I really have no need to even be going 107, considering speedlimits in chicago are only in the 45 to 55 range, even on the freeways.

'94 (I think) Plymouth Acclaim. Black. It’s not mine, and I share it with my sister, and by share, I mean fight over who wants it more. It’s funny, we’ve got three cars at home and the other two are much nicer (one of them being a minivan); the AC is almost always broken, no power locks or windows (and the knob keeps popping off the driver side window crank), but we both love that car.
I got up to 100mph on the turnpike once, at the urging of a friend, but I usually don’t go much over 55. It’s so much fun to drive the roads around where I live, because there are a bunch that are rather twisty, and the speed limit is about 25-35, but as long as there’s no one in front of me, that means nothing.

I drove around a '02 Citroen C2 in the summer…

…As fall came, I’m mostly restricted to using my mom’s VW Polo, but really doesn’t matter since the places I usually need more than my legs are all accessible by public transportation/bicycle.

And speeding over here is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED, seeing your tickets are relative on your income. Whether comfortable or barely holding out, those things HURT. I think Finland holds the current record of a speeding ticket fine.

'89 BMW 325i. To eventually be replaced by a BMW M3. Or maybe a 330i.

hugs her little car ^^

I drive, but I don’t have a car yet. Getting my own comp has precedence, mostly because there’s a good chance that I might be moving me room downstairs so that when I EVENTUALLY move out, the 'rents’ll have a basement to rent all good to go.

Plus, I really don’t need to pay an assraping amount of money to insurance companies.

I have an 88’ Ford Pickup truck, it’s pretty nice, it’s a candyapple red color with a eggshell cap. I can haul alot of people if they don’t mind getting in the back, with the cap on the back of it, so I think it’s legal to do that. I’de take a picture but I’m really curious as to where my digital camera cord ran off too… :wave:

Ah cars… I used to have a baby blue '88 Ford Tempo :enguard: that had a rear door that couldn’t open and such a weak engine that I needed to disengage the clutch and give it gas through the sharp turns, or the power steering would take to much engine power and I would stall out. :bowser:

I “upgraded” :fungah: from my Baby Blue to my brother’s old car when he got a truck. I now drive a RED '89 Ford Tempo, that has a different door that won’t open, and sometimes decides to run lean for a minute and then just stop working for an hour or so. ::doh::

I just got my car off cinder blocks on sunday :noway: , and boy was I proud to leave behind that rural stereotype, but it was a necessary evil… my wornout brake pads had cut through half of the rotor cuff, and needed replacing the whole mess.

Woo, go zepp and vicki :stuck_out_tongue: >>;; i’ve got like, the <i>same</i> car as you guys. Except you both have the Grand Am and i’ve got the Grand Prix. I cant really see a difference beside…uh, mines got a lower spoiler? :stuck_out_tongue: (going by the pic zepp posted :P)

I kind of got lucky 'cause the Prix is only 2 years old, and has like, <i>no</i> miles. My dad gave it to me when he got a new car, hooray :P.

Before the Prix, i had a '90 Honda CRX. I really liked it 'cause it was nice and small, and it had good mileage and was cheap to maintain. I did the whole “pimped out” thing on it, (or as much as i could with my money :P), i got some new racing style rims for it (ADR 17’s), a new exhaust, and some fuzzy dice…bitch. :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunatly, i totally loved the car, and liked how much you could ‘trick’ (or whatever the cool word is :P) it out, but i got it <i>right</i> as i got my permit/license, and i really wasnt driving around enough to make the cost of the car worthwhile, so i sold it. I think i made the right choice though, cause the money i got from the CRX is paying for the 'Prix’s insurance and other shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll totally post some pics of the Prix up once i get home from school, but uh, imagine zepp’s car with a lower spoiler on the back, and thats mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

None, but I want this one!

Jaguar MKII!

'86 Buick Skylark. Gray, with red interior. 63,000 miles on it when I bought it for $800. Dunno top speed; I haven’t done over 70 because I only have my permit and my ridees would flip on me.

=( thats not a very suitable car for death to ride around in.

I’ve had a 1995 green Toyota Tercel for the past 5 years. Around 180 000 Km. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I learned something today!