People have really weird ideas.....

Heh, let us all see the creepyness that is…Kairi getting a gun! Yes that Kairi from KH.

Kairi’s gotta gun!
Kairi’s gotta gun!
Ansem’s on the run!
Donald’s dialing 911!
Kairi’s gotta gun!

Riku run run run!
Sora run run run!
You don’t wanna get shot cuz,
Kairi’s gotta gun!

Goofy stay here!
Goofy stay here!
(Don’t you even touch that beer!)
Cuz, Kairi’s almost here!
Now excuse me well I run!
I hope you have fun (Getting shot…YAY!)!
Cuz, Kairi’s gotta gun!

i thought the first one had an incredibley stupid idea behind it, but apparently some of the fans decided to take it a step further.

I wonder how that person came up with such…wrongness…

What a weirdo! :no2:

I’ve seen better guns. *Nod.

True. Nod Nod

No-one who looks that sad should be allowed to have a gun. It makes more work for Nulani. *Steals Nulani’s nod.

shittiest looking gun if I ever saw one…but then again…my FF6 fic had all the characters with 1930s-WW2 weaponry.

World War II Weaponry rocks.

Go Maschinenpistolen.