Penny Arcade's sega comments

You know, I was wondering what they were hitting on when they were discussing Sega’s new projects in their latest comic and when I read this on the Magic Box “- Sega of America announced they will release a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog title for unspecified platform this holiday season, called Sonic Adventure 3: Shadow of Hedgehog. The game will have a darker theme and emphasis on action, and for the first time Sonic can shoot down opponents with his new gun.”, it started to make a lot of sense.

Haw! I have to get that one, it just sounds too good.

Sega. :frowning:

Except Sonic isn’t even in it. It’s all about Shadow.


I win =P

It’s supposed to be a parody of DMC…too bad it’s more sad than funny.

You know, after Virtua Quest I have NO faith in Sega.

No, gang, it’s not sega anymore. It’s Sega Sammy Holdings, or whatever they’re called now. Let’s just hope they don’t replace Dr. Robotnik with Faust from Guilty Gear…

On second thought, I now hope for that more than anything I’ve ever hoped for in my entire life! :smiley:

Faust is so ridiculous. I hate fighting him, it’s so obnixous. His moves are so crazy and random.

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