Penalties from those threads involving Trinity

The following people are warned for a combination of flaming, bothering new users, general discourtesy, or vigilanteism:

Green Mage, Ren, Seraphim Epyon, deathstryke, Frameskip, Nulani, Corn, Sorcerer

Also Trinity, you are warned too for spamming, vigilanteism and similar discourtesty.

Other mods or admins may add people to the warn list as they see necessary, and the admins/mods are currently discussing the possibility of bans for some of you.

Here are more reminders! Grammar isn’t the be-all and end-all of life. Be civil to new users. Avoid ganging up. And if you think you are being mistreated Trinity, and this goes to every user, please private message a moderator or administrator and they will handle the situation for you. And also please read your posts over before making them, correcting what grammar you can first. It’d take like 5 seconds.

Thanks, and anyone who needs to hear further from us will…

Just, guys, like, be cool.

(psst, as an aside, my user title looks a lot cooler/eerier when it accompanies threads like this :P)