Peer2Peer services

As Ive not been keeping up with one, and have found a need for one, whats the best thats avaliable out there at the moment?

Some may say otherwise, but eMule is the best for my needs (Bigass ISOs, entire volumes of manga, obscure MP3s and videos, etc). It has an annoying habit of waiting a bit before starting to download even if all the sources are clear, but otherwise it’s just fine.

For single MP3s I suggest BearShare (Try to use any other P2P to get the Professional, non-spywared version). I still use eMule for music out of convenience, but BearShare does get mostly everything quicker, albeit not too good for obscure files.

Check the sticky. If there’s nothing in there (somewhere… I need to update the first post already) that you want, make a new topic.