Peeps in the house who say Lindsay Lohan is Sexy, HOLLA NOW.

Fine, I’ll stop talking like that. But seriously…

She used to be hot until she gave in to the manufactured Hollywood look. At least it looks like she’s gained a little weight lately. But still. :\

She needs to STFU. Especially her “singing career”, bitching about how she’s sick of all of this shit. Yeah okay, you’re not Cher or Madonna.

Lindsay who?

You have an anorexic fetish? Hmm??

But the red hair… back in the day…


Yeah she was nice. With the curvy body, and red hair.

But now, she is just way too skinny. It can’t be healthy.

My point exactly! She was clinically proven as anorexic… just the other day, in fact.


Yeah, definitely. Skinny blonde bitch.