Pearls of Summer Sale

I normally would not bother posting about a Steam sale as they’re fairly frequent, BUT, this one is epic.

Seriously, I bought like 500$ of games for 49$. They’re massive bundles (I got the THQ one, myself)

It’s on from now till the 4th of July.

Isn’t that supposed to be “Perils”? Either way, awesome sale is awesome.

Anyways, when I saw the SE-Eidos pack, I nearly shit myself. Get like a ton of games for like $75, and save over $500.

I ended up getting the The Witcher:EE and Killing Floor. Was tempted to pickup Bioshock 2 for $15, but I haven’t even played the first one, so I didn’t.

You really should. The first one is about $20 Canadian and with the way the story is set up, you can’t put it down.

Telltale everything for $50. Even though I’ve already bought two of the offerings, it’s still worth it (just for the Sam and Max games, I’m saving about $40, never mind the Bone ones, which I’m not too sure about).

Looks like Borderlands is marked down to $10.19 (with DLC at $3.39 each). I may have to bite on that. I’ve really been wanting to play Borderlands for a while now.