PC Jamming

Ok, My Pc is 2nd hand, (ME, 1Ghz) It keep jamming/Sticking every so often for 2-60 seconds, (No movement, Sound repeats last 0.35 secs or “Judders”), No probelems other than constantly logging back on. It second on board sound card has not got drivers. It has been surgested that it a memory Fault.

Big Nutter
Surgestions? I will try to get drivers as soon as I can. Would XP recover it?

Can you give more details? Does it matter what application is running? Does it happen when you open/close an application?

Is there any pattern to when this occurs?

Just occours Randomly, I’ve had it happen during most App’s, Most Noticebly during ones with sound. But It’s happened when I’m not using sound. I have tryed to Lose AOL, but it still is around.

I haven’t tracked it down, but I’ve exluduided all Apps, other than TSR’s or Required Programs for Hardware.