Pc "Fatal" error - outlook Express Email Recovery

Ok. I’ll Be short. My main PC, (The one I access RPGC on) has will not boot up. The only remaining course of Action is to Format. (I’m Calling this PC: 98 )

I’ve Move my HD in another PC (called Train as the Desktop has a Train on it.)

So 98’s C: now Train’s D:.

I recoverd Almost all my data Exept a few important Emails.

My Dad has his emails on Train C:. I would Like to know if i can get my Emails off my HD Before Formating it. we both Use Outlook Express, my dad Couse he Hate Thunderbird, Me becouse I don’t think Thunderbird works with Hotmail Account.

I Currenly Have about 24 Hours before I have to remove My HD from Train. (That when My dad is expected Home)

Big Nutter
Hyrru, I still have your RPGC Email Safe. It Accces to other places I’m trying to recover.

Outlook Express stores emails in a (.dbx) file. Search for *.dbx in your (D:). It’ll mostly be in the Windows folder, since you use Windows 98.

You will then have to import that file into MS Outlook or Outlook Express. I suggest creating a new folder in Outlook to put the imported emails in, otherwise all the emails (already-existing and imported) will be mixed up.


I Created A new Identy on My dad’s (Train) and Imported. Thanks I’ll be back to the Usual Board Crazyness soon.

Big Nutter