PayPal UK: What the fuck is going on?

PayPal is pissing me off beyond the limits of piss-offability right now, and their customer support is for shit, so here I post;

HTF do I transfer money from my UK bank account to PayPal? It just doesn’t seem to want to go. It always without fail asks me to add a new bank account, regardless of the fact that I’m a fully Verified customer. I’ve added an account already, but still it asks me to add a new one, and I can’t get past this bit to actually transfer anything.

Don’t they want my money?

Anyway, anyone else have this problem? And if so, how the hell do I fix it? It’s making me angry and sad. >:(

I’ve never had problems with paypal and they have great customer support. Tried calling them?

Why are you trying to put cash into your paypal accout? Its simpler to use paypal as a relay and tell paypal to get cash from your account to make the payment.

you have to get the account confirmed/approved before you can use it.

me tries

me succeeds

Wow. That actually worked. Cheers Sin. Guess I was looking at this from the wrong direction.

And yeah, PayPal customer support was never that good when i used it. >_<

Its a little strange when you use paypal for the first couple times, but it is a really neat service once you’ve gotten accustomed to it.

Yeah, it actually seems that way. I was kinda suspicious of it at first, like with Amazon, but some of my friends used it and said it was really good, so I registered. And then spent hours walking through menus and crap. >_<