Paypal headache

I just got an email from Paypal saying that they had noticed some “unusual activity” in my account in the last few days, and that they had recieved reports that my card had been lost or stolen. I checked my bank account and there’s nothing odd there, and neither is my card gone. The only thing that might be unusual is that I’ve been ordering books and virus upgrades online lately.

It makes me rather paranoid, because a short while back they asked me to log in and change my password for security reasons. Anybody else get these?

You might have gotten one of those Scam PayPal emails. Some scammers go about sending emails which look like official PayPal emails, but the links they provide direct to a non-PayPal site. Logging on through that, from my understanding, would result in them obtaining your information.

Yeah, I’ve been considering that it was something like that. Ugh.

I should add, logging into Paypal and checking my “Recent activity” status shows that nothing has been done there either for the last seven days at least.

'scalled phishing, and I’ve gotten these, despite the fact that I don’t even have a PayPal credit card, or even an account.

<a href=“”>Considering things I’ve read lately</a> I’m glad I balked at the terms of use when I first looked at them.

I think I’ll stick with a debit card, thanks.

Contact paypal directly if you want to make sure its not a scam, which it sounds like it is.

I found your problem!

PayPal probably won’t answer you. -_- Long answer short, if that e-mail has a link on it, don’t click it. Or rather, click it and then look at the address bar. If it doesn’t have “” in the host somewhere, it’s a scam.

I’ve also received phishing messages from “PayPal”. If you really get a message from PayPal, it will address you by name in the body of the message. No “valued customer”, no “PayPal user”, that sort of thing.

Every time I get one of those fake messages, I forward it to their spoof department without clicking anything.

There is a way to make sure; see your status bar down below? (If you don’t, go to View-> Status Bar and turn it on) Hover over the links that the e-mail asks you to go to. If it says something like javascript:dl( where xxx are IP numbers, or if it links to something like or something <i>non-paypal and not officially affiliated with Paypal</i>, then chances are it’s a scam.

It’s scam. Don’t worry. Everyone gets those, even those who don’t use PayPal.

I get them from Banks that I don’t bank with! Accutally, I’ve only used their cash machines when I wanted a pint or two and I’ve got nowt in my pokcets, or there is a another cash machene for miles around.

Plus Why would I bank why a bank in Johansburg, and I’ve never left the country?

Don’t worry Weiila, I got the same e-mail from “them” too. I opened the e-mail up, but didn’t log in. The address at the top was way different from Paypal’s site and the site it takes you too doesn’t have their extra s in http. Two week later and nothing is wrong with my account.

Weiila I’ve gotten those things at email addresses that I don’t have associated with paypal. It’s a scam. Always check the link to see if it has the “https” prefix and not “http”; those other tips are good too. But yeah it creeped me too at first.


Thanks for the reassurements guys, I was pretty sure it was a scam.

I did change my password when I got that other mail, but don’t worry. When I did that I went to Paypal’s main site before logging in.

It is a phishing scam. I get that email too … several times in fact and I also emailed paypal directly. They confirmed that it is a phishing scam. To my knowledge the only times you should ever get paypal emails is when you actualy pay someone or when someone gives you money. Those are the only times.

Every time I’ve had anything to bring up or any questions, I had great customer service.

Sin can’t say the same about HP!!

I’ve Never used PayPal, But How easy is to set up a donate Button? (It’s for BNA-C)

I get at least one of those emails a day…I just delete them.