Pay $whateva for 5 Indie games (5 games for a payment amount that you choose)

I’ve only played World of Goo, and it’s definitely worth at least $0.01 by itself. Look up the other games if you’re interested.

Have I been replaced with a cleverly-coded spambot to advertise this deal? Only you can decide.

World of Goo is amazing. Def worth it.

I always believed you were a virus, Klez. How far you have fallen to have become a spambot.

I like how if you watch the YouTube video it shows that the old website said next to the amount box the average of what everyone paid, and the average was 0.12.

I don’t see how they’re doing this, but I may just have to set-up a paypal account with a dollar and find out. Maybe.

Edit: Well, I thought they were sending the games via mail instead of downloads. Now I see how they can afford this even if someone pays 0.01.

The only one I’d be interested in is Penumbra, but that’s still a damned good price. Hmmm…

Aw, the video has this faux-rap a la Donkey Kong 64.Aquaria seems interesting, maybe I should fire up my cc.

Btw, Jettatura, iirc if you are buying paypal doesn’t require that you create an account, it only wants your cc.

I dled the Aquaria demo. P fun so far. World of Goo is just awesome. I think I’ll probably get the pack just for having those two games on my comp.

Too good for me to pass up. In fact I was just looking to post about it myself.

World of Goo alone is worth it. The other games are probably ok too. But seriously: Goo!

I got this and paid five bucks for it. This may be the best five bucks I’ve ever spent.

Pardon the double post, but I’m having an issue. Maybe one of you could help?

I downloaded and installed Aquaria, but it won’t run. The window opens and before anything even loads, the program stops responding and needs to be shut down. Later on, I tried running Gish and got the exact same problem. Someone suggested that it might be a problem with my video drivers, so I reinstalled the latest version just to be sure. The problem persists.

Anyone know what might be up?

They’re open sourcing the games now, so in the end we could have got them all for 0.00.