Patriots Win the Super Bowl!

Well, Discuss you Super Bowl Feelings here!

I hated the commercials, but it was a great game.

I won 400 bucks :smiley:

I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and I was pretty disapointed. Although I really liked the Budweiser commercial with the dogs.

My parents are pissed. They wanted the Panthers to win.

Eagles weren’t there, so I didn’t care.

I was at a friends house and all of my friends wanted the Panthers to win, I was the only one who wanted the Patriots to win (I root for them since my Aunt’s friends son is on the team, McGinnis [spelling]). So she still talks to him and stuff and they are friends, so it makes it easy to cheer for them.

The Super Bowl itself was quite good, despite the fact that the Patriots won. I was really rooting for the Panthers, but… well, these things happen I suppose. I’m glad the game was at least entertaining.

The commercials, like always, sucked.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
I won 400 bucks :smiley:
Was there a masturbating and eating contest and I missed it?

I got 300. Predicted Patriots win by 6 or less.

I hated it. I hate the patriots but Ipredicted they would win even though I rooted for the Panthers. The panthers actually suprised on how they did, I thought they would do worse.

After a pretty slow start that suggested the game would deliver on the expected defense-first slug-and-grind-fest, the offenses exploded for much more than I certainly expected.

I was sorta pulling for The Panthers because the Patriots won a couple years ago, but I don’t mind the Patriots winning at all.

That was a real good game. And the best part is all those whining sportwriters who were complaining about “oh this is gonna be a boring superbowl cuz both these teams are centered around Defense boo hoo hoo waaaah” who now get to dance and spin and talk about what a classic it was.

I was very impressed with the Panthers. I expected the Patriots defense to smother them once the Pats got ahead and create that plodding, inevitable type of game that we saw in the Conference Championships where it was obvious halfway through that the other team couldn’t win but we had to sit through the last 30 minutes.

No such case yesterday. Very good game, and I’m glad I was able to see it.

It was a really, really good game. Easily one of the best super bowls I’ve ever seen.

The commercials did kinda suck though, which is dissapointing.

Wasnt there a linux commercial?

Yea there was a commercial for Linux.
Oh Yeah i was rooting for the Panthers!YEA!BOO-YAH!
Any one see the end of the half-time show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson?

Any one see the end of the half-time show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson?

That even made the news in England. Apparently, they put it down to a fault with the constume or something like that.

Originally posted by Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Any one see the end of the half-time show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson?

That was wrong. That shouldn’t have been on public TV, especially the Super Bowl. Betcha Timberlake’s in big trouble now (for doing the stunt).

I think they’re gonna be fined for $27,500 although I heard Bush approved $275,000 max.

Janice came up with the thing, and cbs could sue for like 275000
per local station

lets see thats 275000 * 100000 cbs stations in usa= many million dollars.

the next football dynasty is at hand.

New England Patriots = New Jersey Devils

Both boring, defensive minded teams who win championships. I wanted the Panthers to win as well.