Bush is in shit? He pulls the 9/11 card. Its such exploitation, it cheapens the lives and sacrifices made so much.

Did he? I figured he’d just pull something like that, with 9/11 tomorrow and all. Really, it was to be expected.

Care to explain for those who don’t get your news?


I think Bush had an another 9/11 he would have hard time…

I think The Iraq war has pushed US to far to cope with a “predicted” natural Disaster Proberly…

Thanks Nutter. Let’s not forget he pulled the card for the war on iraq and the election.

Show of hands of who’s surprised…That’s what I thought.

I think its partially our own fault for keeping 9.11 such a taboo topic. It makes him able to pull shit like this. Maybe instead of just hanging our heads in shame and saying “very sad, terrorists suck” whenever the subject is brought up, how about we fucking talk about it? How about “very sad, but the exploitation of the situation for one person’s political gain we even more sad”?

And even better, could SOMEONE in power call him out on this? Jesus H Christ, how many politicians are there in washington, and NONE of them can say “stop exploiting a situation in which thousands of people died”? NOT THAT HARD >:(

“I think we are in fact on our way to getting on top of the whole Katrina exercise,” Mr Cheney said.
Oh man, we’re totally beginning to maybe start to actually be able to help.

The thing is, it would be a very dangerous political move. Plus, there would be little to gain and much to lose at such a move. Since it is still a sensitive area, and none the less in the wake of another disaster, it could be political suicide. It would be easy for anyone to make the person look like they don’t care about America. I’m not saying that Bush shouldn’t be called on it, but it would be bad for a politician or anybody with political aspirations to call him on it right now. The invasion of Iraq was a time when it would have been possible to call him on it or if Bush started another war it would be possible, but right now is not the time.

As for the topic, it doesn’t surprise me. Tomorrow being the 4 year aniversary does make it more reasonable. However, think he is doing it to take off some of the heat. I think that he is mentioning it to try and show people how he has tkaen care of America in times of trouble and will do it again. Besides, 9/11 is the one area of his presidency that gets the most support and he is praised for. It is pretty much the one significant part of his presidency.

I stopped expecting anything but utter crap to spew forth from his mouth a long time ago.

Every time he does something like this I mentally count down the number of days until he’s out of office.

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I find myself in the familiar position of being offended and totally unsurprised.

Well, he probably wants to take the heat off the fact that the first reconstruction contract he awarded for the Katrina disaster is to a Halliburton subdivision.

Let the conspiracy theories flow…


Dev, that comic owned.

I said this was going to happen the first time I saw Katrina on the news.

The twit.

I just wish he’d waited until it actually was the 11th to have said that kind of shit. Hell, maybe he thought it was the 11th.

As for calling him out, Infonick’s right. A politician couldn’t call him out on it without looking like they disrespect the survivors/families of victims of 9/11. A pundit could call him out on it, but unless he gets overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle, he’d look like a radical left-winger. Until Bush 43 is out of office, we’re just stuck with 9/11 being a taboo topic, unfortunately, one that he can pull out whenever his approval ratings sink. If I was in the white house, that probably would have been my strategy, too. Of course, if I worked in the current white house, suicide would be a fitting strategy as well.