How are you supposed to use patches. I downloaded the japanese rom (rs1, rs2) and patches for them, unzip them in the same file and nothing seems to happan. What else am I supposed to do.

Could you give a little more information? What system is the ROM for? If it’s ZSNES, just put the patch and the ROM in the same directory. Give them the EXACT same name (but make sure the ROM is an .SMC and the patch is an .IPS), and that should be good.

If it’s any other system, there’s a program out there that does patching… the name escapes me though. I think it’s IPSWIN.

Eh, this should probably be in the translation forum.

Anyway, read up on it <a href=“” target="_blank">here</a>.

I myself prefer to hard patch (that is, use SNEStool (much simpler than IPSWin), which permanently alters the ROM), rather than having ZSnes use its soft-patch feature (which temporarily alters it).

thanks for the help dalton.

Thank Hiryuu, too. 8) He’s my mentor, or something.