past seers

Past seers

Yes we saw the past from the hill.
Yes we visited the past.
Yes it was are own.
No we didn’t change the past. We changed the future.
I was told by my founders I was found with amnesia. My mum dead. Dad unknown. Wupp is a friend, stupid but smart, coward but brave. It was a camping trip. We heard a voice. We left. We followed it. We got lost.
“Wake up”. “Ok”. I stood up and felt my stone. Its marks were like words. I got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, picked up my bag with my camping stuff in and went to wupp. He said “hello” and we went away.
At the camp we did normal things and saw a big boulder with a piece knocked off with markings like words.
That’s when I heard the voice. That’s when I followed it. That’s when wupp followed me. That’s when I saw the thing that would change my life forever. I heard wupp so I turned round to face him.
“Hello” we said. We went back to the camp, or would’ve if it was there. The rock glowed. The boulder did the same. It came.

Looks at this. Hmm. I’m confused is this supposed to be a pome or a story or a story poem. I really hope it’s the story pome bit because if it’s not I’m going to have to poke my eyes out.