I would’ve posted this some 8 hours ago, but I could barely move. My cousin got married yesterday. I don’t know how marriages are in the rest of the world, I suppose in most places the couple will get into a car and get a trip to somewhere else and spend their night alone as soon as they get out of the church. But here we have a party instead. Marriage parties are bigger than some holiday parties.

There were some 300-400 people in the church. Right after the priest said “go in peace”, everybody rushed to a house nearby. It was some 9:45 PM when we arrived there and it only stopped by 9:00 AM today. I had to come home earlier, though (around 5:30). I’m not athletic enough to follow those who stood to the very ending of the party.

Everybody got into dancing for hours and hours, even the oldest pleope who were in there got into it. They themed the thing by decades, so it started with dancing music from the 50’s and then were coming back to the present untill music from this year. I saw 50-year-olds dancing disco when they were playing music from the 70’s, they were as good as people of my age (everybody from all ages was dancing together and we’re all damm good at it). It’s amazing how people could do it right with those tuxedos and party dresses. Yeah, we’d rather dance with those heavy things on than losing our elegance. BTW, all the music was being played live by a band of people about my age.

The beverage scored some records. No beer - the least expensive thing we had in there was some whisky that runs 30 bucks a bottle. The one people drunk the most was a fine red wine, I forget the name. Talking to a few people I found that they had prepared in average 1 liter of booze/person. when I came home, nobody had gotten drunk yet, but in both families in there, people take a lot more than a normal person to get high (I’m one of the few exceptions >_<, but I didn’t get drunk).

As for the food - there was caviar, some french cheese which I forgot the name and assorted things that I have no idea about what they are. Most things were meaty, though, which sucks for me (a vegetarian). There was also japanese food (I felt like saying “nobody here’s fucking japanese”, but no one would catch the joke). Sushi, sashimi… I’d like it more if they had sake. I’m still goinf to taste it someday. At 1:00 AM they started having chocolate. Yes, chocolate! Dessert dishes of many varied kinds containing 85% worthy of chocolate in the least chocolaty one ^^ Then, 8:00 AM there was a regular breakfast with bread, cheese, milk, coffee & all that.

I don’t know if the couple went on honeymoon when the party was over, but if they didn’t, they must have gone one hour ago then.

I used to skip marriage ceremonies and parties, but now I’m eager to see who’s marrying up next ^^ I’m still damm tired fro this one, though. I feel like I had spent a whole week running. My sides hurt like hell…

So you mean like it was a reception? Those are optional after a ceremony, but I love going to them. My family is huge and getting us all onto the dance floor is a tight squeeze but it is insanely fun. I love receptions ^^ Sounds like quite a party though, I never went to one as upbeat as that, but I hope I will in the future.

You must be tired from all that ghetto booty shaking, Ren. I know you were dancing too.

I think you should get some sleep. I wouldn’t have spent an hour at this party, never mind a night.

I’d be the guy who:

a. Is the first to get drunk and does something really stupid.

b. Sit in the corner sulking.

c. Waiting for someone to ask me to dance (no one would).

Wow. That’s a bigger party than I’ve EVER been to.

All the wedding receptions I’ve been to have been really low-key, mostly people just sitting at tables eating and chatting, and taking pictures. I don’t even remember any dancing. O_o

O.O I am SO incredibly jealous of you!! jumps up and down ;_;

11 hours and 30 minutes…a really long party.

I would have stayed until the very end, even if the next day was as school day! GwaaaIwanttodance!!

Interesting. Not the kind of thing I’d be caught in, but still…


Grah. My friend has just about 80% of people she knows around her age who are getting hitched. I don’t see what’s the big damn rush, really.

Sounded like a helluva good time though, Ren.

My cousin was not rushing, he’s 32 or something near that.

There was a second meeting today right after lunch, which ended an hour ago. No dancing, only drinking this time. It was also in a different house. I didn’t go to it, but my parents did.

And yes, Eva, I was dancing ^^ I even lead some people during a few songs ^^

But I didn’t drink enough and I almost had dehydration in the middle of the crowd. Other relatives were smarter and took their drinks to the dance. Or maybe not. Whisky may be kinda slippy when it falls to the ground.

Originally posted by Jing
I would have stayed until the very end, even if the next day was as school day! GwaaaIwanttodance!!

I want to go to one too! I haven’t shook ass in so long…I’m in dance withdrawl…

that sounded pretty awesome…i wanna go to one now

I dont tend to dance at partys… i just get very drunk, last one i went to i got a lapdance then ended up with some guy from my college :thud:

Originally posted by Vestiges Vargos
I dont tend to dance at partys… i just get very drunk, last one i went to i got a lapdance then ended up with some guy from my college :thud:

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.