Particle Man, Particle Man...

Doin’ the things a particle can…

Silly little flash video for the TMBG classic.

does anyone remember the classic Tiny Toons video of this song?

the introduction to this particular video is awfully pretentious :stuck_out_tongue: it’s pretty funny though.

I do. Fondly. :slight_smile:

Tiny Toons was much, much better.

And for a better Flash music video of a TMBG song… Voila

HoHoHo! I have the Tiny Toons on VHS!

I used to have the tiny toons on VHS too, I lost it though, but its on the Direct From Brooklyn video, which I ruined a couple years ago, i’m gonna have to get the dvd soon.

Yes, I do remember the Tiny Toons video for that song. I also heard it live when I saw TMBG.