Partial games

What does every one think of games like dot hack and Xenosaga where the entire story isn’t told in one game, but over a series of sequels?

I like them a lot, it feels like more can be done, they can have more story and more FMVs because they only have to worry about like 1/5 of the game per disc.

It depends on the game itself’s quality, but the idea is good because the game lasts a lot longer that way and gives you something worth looking forward to.

I think one of the important factors is how much time there is between the release of the episodes. ><

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I think one of the important factors is how much time there is between the release of the episodes. ><

I agree. If you’re gonna do something like that, you’d damn well better make sure that the game isn’t delayed, and doesn’t take any more than a year to release. Because if it does…brandishes Excalibat from a game that nobody has heard of

I like the idea myself. I love the .hack games even though it puts a nice hole in my wallet. The only reason I’m hooked was because of the story and cliff hanger the last two games left off with. The third one didn’t leave that much of a suspenseful cliff hanger. But the story itself kinda makes you want to continue buying. And I know exactly what you mean by it feels like a lot more can be done. But I don’t feel like going into detail about that.

I love the idea, a lot more can be done.

I can’t wait for Xenosaga Episode 2.

I like direct sequels, but if a game can’t stand alone, it’s not worth it. Rather than feeling excited about the next part, I think to myself “God, I just payed $50 for something incomplete. Ripoff.” Sometimes, it’s okay, like when it’s chapters in a saga and each one can be an individual story, but cutting it off is just stupid. And when they do make them parts of the same story, there had better be some damn good improvements between games because I will not pay multiple times for what could easily be rolled into 1 game.

Generally speaking, I like this type of game, but the flip side of the coin is whether or not the games ever get completed- look at Shenmue, for example :too bad;

I hated how Shenmue 2 ended. It was so sudden

If they’re done well (like Xenosaga was), then fine. If they exist as cash cows (Hack sign), screw it. Hack sign should have been at most two games.

SIGN’s not a game RPT.

I think its pretty capitalistic and pretty lame. You end up having to pay WAY to much money for something that could have been on one or two disks.

I actually like it, especially if the sequel is better than the previous game.
Although I love the Lufia series, it’s going on my neves a bit that first Maxim beats the Sinistrals and Lufia is a Sinistral, and then his descedant beats the descedants of the Sinistrals and a certain blue- haired girl is still a descedant of the Sinistrals…then in Lufia 3, the descedant of the descedant of Maxim beats the descedants of the descedants and so on. :thud: Soon we’ll have Lufia 783456376 where the descedant of the descedant of the descedant of the descedant of the descedant of the descedant of the descedant of Maxim beats the, um, new Sinistrals.
Maybe they shoulda made it a bit like the FF- series where certain elements (magic, a few Summons/ Espers/ GFs/ Aeons) stay the same.

Partial games make for a lot of hours playing them. I like them because it takes a lot of time for you to catch the whole plot. The longer the plt, the better.

It is a brilliant way to earn more money. nod, nod

It’s a pretty good idea, but at the same time it depends entierly on the game. As has already been mentioned, the game has to be good on it’s own, else you’ll end up hating both it and the sequel.