Part one of the latest FFC Update now up

That’s correct, after a personal odissey of problems ranging from work problems to annoying software (honestly, if I believed in conspiracies I’d been sure there was one against me) I’ve FINALLY posted the first part of my FF11 update: The Job pages! They include info and images on the game and on FFX2, as well (courtesy of Cid.) Go check them out! And ask any questions you have here (and let me know if you spot any errors).

More stuff coming soon!

Three updates in just over a week? CRAZINESS!!!

Looking good though Wilfredo. If I see any spelling/grammar mistakes I’ll probably just fix them for you. Can’t wait to see the rest of the update.


Actually, Cid is assigning FFCC to someone else so I can focus on FF11 (and some X2 stuff Cid hasn’t gotten to yet, like adding the X2 story events to the FFX Story page.)

Really? Well thats cool, its better that we have more people working on adding new content to the site (its a huge job). Luckily, we don’t have any new Final Fantasy games coming out for a bit so we have time to work on what we got.