Parrot's oratory stuns scientists

Well, Parrots, Dolphins and Chimps are the most advanced non-human animals on earth. It’d actually be cool if said animals developed true intelligence… and I’m starting to see bird-people…

I prefer the one seen on Graham Norton not too long ago.

Graham: “Polly want a cracker?”

Parrot: “Fuck off!”

That parrot’d absolutely slaughter that one- it’s far higher in the pecking order :mwahaha:

Mice still pwn the planet =)

I like Churchill’s parrot better, he tells everybody to fuck off all the time.

My aunt had a parrot that had communication skills equal to this gray’s one. He died 12 years ago, though. Nobody ever cared about calling the media or a science research team during his life, which is a pity.

He had his neologisms too, and a little more complex. For example, my cousin’s bike was: “walking-perching-branch” (he liked being perched on it while my cousing was riding it).

The parrot from Starship Titanic pwns all!