Parody Clips

I’ve noticed that there are many parodies of several games and TV shows around. Even yesterday I found these:

1- Star Trekkin’ (A weird song)
2- Power Rangers in a Nutshell (Wacky accelerated clip mocking an episode)
3- Power Rangers Vs. Barney the Dinosaur (A mockery of one of those action figure commercials)
4- Star Wars Christmas Album (Yoda singing “Joy to the Universe”, Darth Vader singing another version of The Twelve Days of Christmas and Jabba singing Silent Night)
5- South Park Meets StarCraft

How many more of those have you heard of?

These clips are so common you could spend a day naming them, I guess.

If you like parodies try getting some clips by Weird Al Yankovic. I have Amish Paradise in my comp, still searching for more clips by him (gonna get Smells Like Nirvana).

At he has a good video of him making fun of the fact that you hear of PC gamers, but not Mac gamers. He acts like it is a commerical promoting Macs with the white background and his standing there telling his problems, you should check it out it is pretty funny. :cool: