Parasites who attack brains

An horror movie could be made where these fungi mutate to have humans for hosts.

There are other parasites, protozoans, not fungi, that act in ways to alter their host’s behavior to enhance their propagation. I never heard of this particular genus of fungus though. Neat find.

Roly Poly :smiley:

Did it mention where this fungus was found? I couldn’t get sound on mine so I am not sure if there was any.



Bullet ants are in South American tropical forests.


I thought this would be a thread about postmodern philosophers.

Cordyceps are used in Chinese herbal medicine. Don’t know which species though.

This also probably inspired that X-Files episode Firewalker where the scientists were killed by a silicone based fungus that infected their lungs.

Yeah…that was some pretty damn disgusting shit right there.

I was eating rice when I saw this. :slight_smile: