Parasite Eve II.

I played the first one, and it was incredible. One of my favorite Squaresoft games.

I’m interested in playing the second one, but I am unable to find it anywhere. To be honest, I was looking for it a while ago too, but stopped. Then I manage to think of it again, and want it even more.

I checked an EBGames nearby, and asked them if they had it in stock, and they said no. I asked them if they had files on if other store locations had it as well, and they said no.

I checked a Gamerama, and they didn’t have any either.

I also went out of my way to check a Microplay, and their selection of games sucked huge donkey butt. No PE2 there either.

I checked online for stores which have it, and I got links directing to eBay only. The problem with using eBay is that I haven’t PayPal/Visa/anything card-like, so ordering online is out of the question.

Does the Square-enix website order out their games? I don’t know the url, so I am unable to check.

I also read the entire shrine, and it sounded pretty good. I guess the main reason I wish to have this is to complete a series of games. Y’see, when I buy a game in a series, I either a) if I like it, buy all other installments, or b) if I don’t like it, don’t keep it. So pretty much any games which have sequels or prequels in it, I have the entire set. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Galerians, et al.

So pretty much I NEED THIS GAME.

PE2 is interesting, but a completely different sort of game from its predecessor. Just because you liked PE doesn’t mean you’ll like PE2.

As for me, I just downloaded the ISO. ^^;


And PE2 is fucking horrible. The gameplay is the pits, the music is some of the worst. The game in general was tedious and boring.

This game is no-where near as good as PE1, but that’s not to say it isn’t good, though it’s a real hit-or-miss thing. Me, I liked it.

It IS a lot different from PE1. It plays more like a traditional survival horror game, though it still retains the RPG elements. And like Sin said, eBay or Amazon. You can probobly find a copy for around twenty bucks.

It’s true that the music sucks, though. Most of the game goes for a more “ambient noise” approach, anyway.

I hated PE2, I got through the city area, and then they tossed me in the middle of frikkin nowhere and I was like ‘fuck that’ and that was the end of it.