Parasite Eve 3 announced,must kill somebody

Ok guy’s I got good news and absolutly horrifing news,the good news is that supposedly PE3 has been announced,the horrifing news is that is for cellphones.

Ok I haven’t confirm this(god let it be false)but this info is arriving from people who are seeing live feedback of the Square-Enix party a few minutes ago so if anybody have any information please post it,I will do the same.

If its just speculation and hearsay, then your “news” is worthless.

But, if you can’t disprove it, then it is not totally beyond the realm of possibility.

Look I’m trying my best to find a official confirmation,but unfortunatly all sources point out to yes it’s comfirmed,and yes is for mobile phones,I will see what I can get.

Was the second one really that bad? The first one was awesome.

The second one had boobies. Didn’t it?

The second one ain’t bad if you want a good resident evil clone.

The second one was more like a survival horror with RPG elements than an RPG, but I, for one, liked it.

I’ve been waited for another PE game for forever, but from this, I can only conclude that Squeenix is tormenting us, if it’s true.

The second one was basically Resident Evil with the characters from PE1 in it.

…Square had better do some sort-of compilation of their phone games for the DS or something…

There it is,official confirmation.

Awww MAN!

It’s official. Squeenix hates their fans.

Woo! Let’s do the Chrono series next in mobile!

Originally Posted by Rigmarole
Woo! Let’s do the Chrono series next in mobile!

Don’t even joke about that. >_< Besides reguardless if Chrono 3 is destined for the mobile community it would still be beaten to the market by Star Ocean 4.

I love the smell of mistreated franchise in the morning.

This announcement makes me want to commit suicide. Seriously, doesn’t Square realize that we aren’t all going to switch mobile servers just for a video game? I mean, Jesus! And HOW long ago did Before Crisis come out in Japan? Like almost two years ago or something?

Originally Posted by Rigmarole
I love the smell of mistreated franchise in the morning.

I see your mistreated franchise and raise you bad acting.

Well, I’m sternly anti-Star Trek.

Makes me think of Star Trek+Monty Python …

Kirk: Look of fear! … what a strange line …

Well I just read that Before Crisis is probably coming to the PSP, so maybe we’ll be lucky enough that PE3 does, too. Although PE3 is for European phones, and…well, I don’t actually own a PSP yet…