Weirdest. Movie. Ever.


Which Paprika is it? I’m seeing a few listed on IMDB. I guess you mean the anime one.


Learn to mark your spoilers.


I haven’t seen Paprika but I have seen Millenium Actress. That was a really strange movie… The story and concept wasn’t strange as much as the delivery and method of the concept and story. Basically it is about two people making a documentary on a famous actress, and they go over her history. Sounds simple enough but it’s definately an odd one.

I should check out Paprika. I’m guessing the animation is top notch knowing the director’s other work. I have to see Perfect Blue, too. Damn.

Overall the movie’s pretty decent. The animation is excellent, the premise is original and what they decide to do with it is very unique. Its definetly not a hollow movie. It tries to say a lot. Its just so fucking weird.

I saw Perfect Blue and I’m planning on watching Paprika and Millenium Actress. They both look really good.

I stand by my belief that Perfect Blue’s big revelation came 10 seconds too soon. That said, I’ll watch Paprika when I can.

Why do you say so? I’m just curious. :slight_smile:

I meant to watch Paprika when it was playing at the local theater, but I missed it… therefore, it’s hiding out in my Netflix queue.

Because, despite all of the Red Herrings in the movie I had managed to identify a critical, case breaking clue. The problem was that within three seconds of seeing that clue (which fyi was the poster) they literally unveiled the ‘big revelation’ and I spent the rest of the evening pissed.

I think paprika is wonderful and is good on schnitzel.

I remember I wanted to see it, but none of the theaters around where I live were showing it. Has it been released on DVD yet?

Saw this a few weeks ago. Must admit was pretty good, and an enjoyable film to watch.

Also really liked Millenium Actress, but never liked Perfect Blue myself. Found it too hard to keep up with, but that may have been due to the fact I was watching it at 3am, or something stupid like that.

I need to see all 3 of those movies :spam:

I rented it last week. It is very trippy, but describes dreams extremely well. I likes it. :slight_smile: