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First off, that mavav thing is fake, some guy created it in a week for some class to find out people’s reactions to some extreme information. Secondly, if it’s so damn easy for us to find links, he could at least look through google first, it’s his paper, not ours.

Oh…well alright I didn’t know that. But the fact that the content reflects the attitude of a lot of mainstream parents is still up there to influence ideas and writing doesn’t have anything to do with it being “fake” or not.

And he’s not <i>forcing</i> anyone to find links for him. If people don’t care, then fine, but others may want to help. Why are people complaining when they find it’s a waste of time? Geesh, it doesn’t make sense.

This should be in the Homework board, but essentially you’re saying that asking anyone for ideas and links there too, is not allowed…

So yeah, for the people that think it’s terrible to be asking for links, don’t look at the thread…:\ Chances are, he searched on google himself and wants a bit more insight.

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You all suck, he just wanted a little bit of information, just becau8se he didn’t know a fast way to search for it doesn’t mean he’s a moron. Cyber, Sin and everyone else who made fun of this guy should be ashamed!

I didn’t say he was a moron, I just said he should do his own work. If you get other people to look sources up for you, then you won’t know how to do research for papers in college. :stuck_out_tongue: