Paper Mario 2

So, I just beat it last night. It’s pretty intense! :smiley: Has anyone else played it yet? :smiley:

I slice my throat open and sew it back up daily because I sold my Gamecube thinking there were going to be no decent games coming out.

I have it, but need to play it a great deal more. I need more shine sprites to make myself feel special. Admiral Bobbery for teh win.

YOU FOOL! You deserve that, you know that? You deserve it 100 times over. You do not exist to me.

As for me, no. sniff Gotta get it.

I don’t have a Gamecube, but I’ve been wanting one forever.

It’s really fun. The backgrounds especially boggly woods are amazing. One nice thing is that all the characters are usable, but i never use Koops much.