Pantera Vs The Offspring

A friend of mine and I were going over this so…yeah.

There’s not an option for they both suck.

Fuck. Metal is such a generally lame genre, but… the offspring… Yeah, I’m with GSM.

The Offspring.

They were in Crazy Taxi.

Crazy Taxi is SEX.

It’s not there because it’s a poll for preference :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t like them both you don’t have to post :stuck_out_tongue:

They are of two completely different genres. Why don’t you ask if Pink Floyd or Cannibal Corpse is better next time? eyeroll

Yeah, I know- I’m on vacation- this is my last post… seeya. :stuck_out_tongue:

I realised that. But meh, I don’t really care :smiley:

“Omgs my friend says this band ir bEtTeR but i say this one is and cuz opininz r faks n not ideas wich 1 us 2 is right???”

I never said I was right or that he was right, I was just looking for the opinion’s of the people who go here :stuck_out_tongue:

Metal’s where it’s at, and Pantera is/was a great band. Too bad Dimebag died…

THE AWFSPRING!! BAH GAWD FLIBBLE THE OFFSPRING!!! OH MA GAWD!!! THEY ROCK sooo much dude…yeah i know ther different genres but WHO CARES…ya see tis all about the asskickery factor…the Offspring simply kick more arse…and plus Heavy Metal…so bloody lame…the lyrics are all the same shit “Swallowed in darkness wah wah” while the Offspring take a refreshing change whilst relating to plenty of angsty teens…u neva heard Staring at the Sun? GOLD stuff that…tis klathical!! Neways cheex out!!!

No wonder I don’t like the Offspring. I can’t sympathise with them in the same way that an angsty illiterate teen can.

because we all like listen to offspring for their deep and soul wrenching melodies and sympathize, lolz


U callin me an angsty teen?? Ha lolz i just say that so it makes me sound cleva i dunno if they really help angsty teens…franky i aint bothered…they just kick ass is all

Act your fuckin’ age buddy.And for starters Pantera is cooler so your treat your preppy siezures to chuckE.cheese


You’re retarded. It would be recommended that you discontinue posting on this forum.

And congratulations on making the worst comparison ever. Seriously, Pantera and The Offspring. Wow. Now I’ve seen it all. But I’ll vote for Pantera anyways, because I like them, and I really don’t like The Offspring.

Yeah I get called a retard a lot…weirdly enough by chavs…but try enthusiastic…try looking up words before you use them for fucks sake…and wat was i supposed to do… say “Meh Pantera are better at that genre” …how about NO because thats boring…i like the Offspring, he dusnt…opinion is free so fuck off


Cannibal Corpse over Pink Floyd any day