PAL Xenosaga 2: About Bloody Time!!

I was looking for realase date for Makai Kingdom at several game stores in St Helens I noticed a XENOSAGA 2 in the List on last week of October. After Checking the offical eu PS2 site… WINNER!!! I can play with The Blue haired robot… KOSMOS!!!

I am your “Blue haired robot.” Not KOSMOS, not unless you are amitting to bigamy.

Don’t worry… OK TD/Rhaka and US/Candadian players is Playing episode 1 required if so. Fill me in.

Move Ziggurat 8 for greater justice.

As usual, I don’t even want to look at your post so I’ll go by what I can read in the title. Good for you, I hope you enjoy that game because I sure as hell didn’t. Yuki Kajiura is a goddess though, regardless what Cid may say.

I’m just speechless about the reasoning behind releasing the second game but not the first.

I’m not thouching the game 'til I’ve beated XG/the first game.

Although I’m a bit confuzzled at KOS-MOS being in Namco x Capcom.

I wouldn’t know, as my imported copy doesn’t work with my boot discs. GRAH.

OK, we’ve composed ourselves:

Xenosaga EPISODE II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse UK date 28 October.

Xenosaga EPISODE I: Der Wille zur Macht NO UK relaese date known. (ARRRGG!! fuke, knikkers)

OK Since it is this years Star Ocean 3. Do I need to know anything before I start playing?

Is the play ablity simlar to any game? (Don’t say xenosaga/gear)

Spoony: I’ve bought several of the games you’ve delayed Onlinelife and Like them too.

BN: I’ve written a review on it if you want to look.

Whats not to get? KOS-MOS is a Namco character. speaking of Namco x Capcom does anyone know when this game comes out? I’m really excited about it. I mean what other game lets you play as Arthur or KOS-MOS? the only thing that could make this game better is if The Prince Of All Cosmos was a hidden character.

Namco X Capcom, hasn’t it been out in Japan for a LONG time now?

Apparently, Namco firmly believes North Americas would rather play games like The Berenstein Bears (and they certainly wouldn’t want such BAD games as Tales of Phantasia, either). :hyperven:

a better question is why would you buy this horrible game

OK hate to be a question asker but how does these games go.

Like how many are out, because i thought xenogears was a game by itself i didnt think it was part of the xenosaga series.

So what games are released and are they closely knit to each other or all different like FF.

Also are they ALL worth getting ?

Xenosaga Episode 1
Xenosaga Episode 2
Xenosaga Episode 3 (in production)

The Xenosagas are basically direct sequels to eachother. They take place in the Xenogears universe, but AGES before those events take place. At least, that was the idea, it doesn’t really seem to follow the timeline given in Xenogears Perfect Works. Apparently, Episode 3 will breach the gap between Xenosaga and Xenogears.

Is it worth getting 1 and 2 ?
Like what are they like compared to xenogears ?


I heard that they stopped 4 5 and 6.

From what I heard, it’s actually just 4 that’s out. I believe Xenogears was supposed to end up as Episode 5. Then again, I’ve only actually played partway through XS1 as of yet.

Yes, Xenogears is Episode V but Perfect Works’ timeline went to hell when Soraya Saga (The writer for Xenogears and Episode I) left the project before Xenosaga Episode II. I’m trembling with fear at the prospect of what the third game may bring, I just hope it’s not “VECTOR IS EVIL AND USES GNOSIS TO CONQUER THE UNIVERSE! WE MUST STOP THEM!” or some crap like that.

Each Xeno has been a dip in quality. 'saga I was still pretty great, but not as much as 'gears, and 'saga II was just a shitty mess of fetch quests and boring monotone voice acting, and shit poor pacing. I dont really think there was much of a story this time. Now no one who was involved with the previous three are involved in episode III, so I have no expections for that one at all.

wow i hate games the fully change except FF because they are all different games.