Painted my guitar. Pics.

This paint job was experimental and not meant to be anywhere near pro, but I like it anyway, even though it’s totally ghetto. Take a look:

<a href=“”>Sanded down.</a> I deliberately didn’t sand the heel of the neck, because, well, fuck that.
<a href=“”>Masked up.</a> I wasn’t doing the entire thing, just the sides and neck, so I masked the back and front, which I wanted to keep.
<a href=“”>After a few coats, I think.</a> The paint is still wet here and looks all gooey and has a bad case of orange peel. I take care of that later.
<a href=“”>Masking off.</a> I had to re-mask it differently later, in order to hit different parts with polyurethane.
<a href=“”>Poly’d.</a> Still lots of orange peel. Time for wetsanding, buffing, and polishing.
<a href=“”>Pretty much done.</a> It’s nice and smooth, and shiney. I didn’t get rid of every little imperfection, because that would’ve been a huge waste of my time. It could still use some swirl remover here, but fuck that.

My goal was to make it only just pro enough for it not to look like a diy job from more than a few feet away. I think I did pretty good.

That’s a really nice lawn chair you got in the first picture. The guitar is nice, too.

That’s pretty cool. I once stained an electric with a friend, but I’d be terrified to paint one, because I know shit about acoustic guitars and would be terrified of fucking up the sound.

It looks nice, if it weren’t a close-up still picture, I doubt I’d notice any swirls at all. I actually probably wouldn’t have in hte picture if you hadn’t pointed them out.

Good job. That’s something I’ve always thought about doing but never went ahead with it. Why did you choose black and to leave the blue there? Not that it’s a bad combo, I’m just curious.

I liked the blue burst more than I would’ve liked straight black. I painted the sides because I didn’t like the color and I wanted them to match the black shadows around the top, to give it a more cohesive look.

Arac: I was worried about sound too, but I haven’t noticed any difference yet. I guess I’ll find out, in time.

If it affects the sound what will you do?

Not care? It’s a beater