Paint brush boy strikes again

Hey, that kinda rhymes :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I was messing with M$ paint and made these…

Ph33r the reaper:

I dunno what they are supposed to be… Use your imagination
or something.

i see trees and a grave yard… ^^;;… intresting I must say.

They aren’t actually that bad, considering the medium.

Hey, I see Jesus!

Nice effects I must say, with the red and black. Quite clever, it creates the mood I guess you want considering the scenes.

:moogle: Pretty sweet! and especially using paint ^ _ ^

Nice. cool atmosphere you managed to create! MORE!

Positive comments make baby Sal cry |-P

Im supposed to study math but all I do is sit around
and draw this kind of junk.
My mother would be so proud!

Anyways, I added one more linkie to the first post.

Very strange, I think I can see a vampire, a werewolf, Death, and some other horror movie things, in those three pics!

I can’t believe you actually made something cool using Paint!