Packers win!

The Redskins lost the other day, the election is now Kerry’s.

My friend brought this up today. I reminded him of the Sox, and that this is a great year to break curses.

Go Pack!!! WISCONSIN!!! While I don’t normally believe in such things, I pray to God this is true.

LOL I hope this is true as well.

there is anything more than a random correlation between these factors
But it’s a fuckin weird correlation. If i flip a coin, would i get heads (or tails) 17 times in a row?
Reminds me of stock market prediction theory:
Stock market performance is predicted by the winner of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Indicator has been on the money 29 out of 36 times, which even by my math represents a success rate of more than 80%.

But the Highlights children’s magazine (They have a poll, 4-6 or so year olds vote on presidency) voted that Bush would win. They have NEVER been wrong either.

yes but 4-6 year olds opinions are shaped on that of their parents

So, its a season for curses to get broken… will the packers curse break, or the highlights curse break?

Since the kids just stole their’ parents (maybe even their’ churches or teachers) opinions, I’ll vote that the Highlights curse will be broken